"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

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Design Your Career Now

What is the right time to apply? Which countries should I pick? Should I consider doing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree abroad? Will I get to stay back and work? Should I work part time? These, and countless other questions pop up as early as Secondary School these days. In my opinion, the decision to study abroad MUST NOT BE MADE IN HASTE. It is normal and acceptable to begin the application process a year in advance to the actual intake, sometimes even more than a year early, depending on the country you wish to study in.

Here are my top 5 ‘Things to Do’ to begin planning your future abroad.

  • Discover and Understand your Strengths – pick subject areas you’ve always dreamed of studying, are extremely good at, or perhaps want to switch to because you have the character and skills for it.
  • Research,Research,Research! Look for clear first-hand information from genuine websites (University websites preferably) about Best in Class Universities that offer the courses you like.
  • Shortlist your institutions as per your convenience – Brand Position/Reputation/Fees/Location/ Climate/International Student Support/Work Permits/Employer Reputation
  • VISIT AN OVERSEAS EDUCATION CONSULTANT NEAR YOU - If you are only looking at Ivy League/Russel Group/World Top 20 Universities, there are consultants who specialise in counselling for only these institutions. The idea is to meet a counsellor/consultant who will give you personalised and professional advice. With the Internet at the tip of your fingers, it will seem like a great option to work out the APPLICATION PROCESS on your own. However, a consultant will go the extra mile and help you till you step onto campus – and these are services one must take good advantage of to the fullest!
  • START preparing your ‘SUBMISSION FILE’ – the sooner you can collect all your application paperwork (academic transcripts/recommendation letters/portfolios/English Language Tests/SATs etc.) the better!

Once you have the above in order – You’re all set to make your First Application!
Get in touch with us NOW to know HOW TO START!

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Benefits of Studying Abroad

We are all Global Citizens. We are no longer defined by where we live but by where we’ve been, and by our actions and reactions to global trends in Business, Education, Entertainment, Foreign Affairs, Sports and Science. Parents have become increasingly supportive of their children’s futures abroad and are involved in the admission process from the very beginning.

What are some of the best takeaways from an education abroad?

  • Best in class education at world ranked institutions
  • Study with new age technology and Infrastructure
  • Exposure to different cultures and traditions
  • Personal growth and development / a new independence
  • Make new friends for life, develop long lasting connections
  • Learn new Languages
  • Lessons in Life skills – Leadership, Problem-Solving, Adaptability, Self-Reliance etc.

An Education abroad opens and broadens our perception to how the world functions and responds to us, it leads us to innumerable opportunities in Relationships, Employment, Residence, Cultural Exploration and offers us a perfect platform to NETWORK!

If you’re thinking of an opportunity to STUDY ABROAD – Get in touch with us NOW and we will help craft the perfect journey for you.

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Consult With The Best

I have over the years built a vast professional network of Education Experts, School Counsellors, University Representatives, Lectures, Program Managers, Heads of Departments from various Overseas Institutions. As a client/student, I can offer you tailored insights into certain courses, quicker feedback regarding your chosen course, and speedy turn around time for offers and acceptances based on your application file. If you are a serious and committed student and would like to speak to faculty at the University you are applying to – it can be arranged at Wilma Paul Consulting at no additional cost.

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Scholarship Available

We all respond extremely well to Rewards and Appreciation. It should be no different for a student preparing to study at a Top Ranked Institution, and at Wilma Paul Consulting, we provide you with thorough guidance regarding Scholarships/Discounts and Early Bird Offers from various Universities.

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